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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  February 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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sheree: the arrest in hamilton county, and how he was caught. also -- >> it hurts the whole community, not just that one church. mike: charged with sexually abusing a 7 year old girl. the connection the suspect has to a local school. plus -- >> its the ache in your belly its every solemn moment when nothing is on your mind. sheree: from the heartbreaking season ender, to the off season recovery. an exclusive one on one tonight, with bengals head coach marvin lewis. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] sheree: threatening violence on good evening i' m sheree paolello. mike: and i' m mike dardis. arrested. police say he talked about into a quote colorado thing. sheree: wlwt news 5' s emily wood is live with the latest from investigators. emily. emily: uc police not commenting tonight on any specific details but court documents describe
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blue ash student claiming he would shoot up the math lab. according to court documents uc police arrested 20 year old dondiego bradley wednesday for threatening to shoot up the school and turn this into colorado. a signed witness affidavit says the student made the threat to a tutor while at a math lab inside muntz hall yesterday. the witness claims bradley said college would be a good place to rob people and i could shoot this place up. a majority of students we spoke with said they did not know about this threat or bradley' s arrest. >> it' s pretty scary to be honest but um hopefully nothing happens, sounds like the police it' s just kind of scary because i was just in the math lab. >> i think nobody should take nobody' s life, i don' t care if i like you or dislike you, nobody' and i don' t think nothing is that serious to bring a gun back to college campus when everybody is just minding their own
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emily: a professor told me tonight the school emailed back of the instead around noon today but students weren' t notified until around 6:00 this evening. reporting live at uc blue ash, emily wood wlwtn5. ,mike: bradley is facing one count of menacing. his next court date is february 12th. sheree: he was the man people trusted a foster parent and youth leader a volunteer in the schools tonight he' s accused of sexually abusing a child. tammy mutasa found out more about the northern kentucky man charged . and just how much access he had to other kids. tammy. tammy: the community is completely rattled. we did some digging and found out that he had access to children in kenton county schools. joseph niemeyer was supposed to
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new banklick baptist church. but now he' s accused of raping and sexually abusing a 7 year old girl in his independence home. police say the abuse went on for three years. >> we take the precautions but as far as what they do in their own homes, we don' t know a whole lot about what goes on there. tammy: and for the past three years kenton county school officials say he had access to more children, volunteering at twenhofel middle school they say he worked with the fca the fellowship of christian athletes. >> he was never alone with our students at twenhofel middle school. tammy: the district says check. re cooperating with the police with this. tammy: the church pastor says neimeyer had even more foster parent. church he went to can'
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the charges. >> i was very shocked and i immediately started praying for the family. tammy: niemeyer is locked up here on a $100,000 bond. reporting live from the kenton county jail tammy mutasa wlwt news five. sheree: detectives are still investigating to see if there are more possible victims in this case. mike: we' ve had too many cases like this one recently. just last week an indiana baby sitter was charged with molesting 7 little girls and the safety director at thomas more . all this calling more attention to sex offender incidents and registries. in most cases that end with convictions the justice department tracks offenders and where they live. allows you to search by address name or in the radius of a specific neighborhood. we' department' s site through our own, sheree: happening right now in new york city.
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complex in the bronx. according to wnbc in new york one officer is in serious condition the second officer. is said to be shot in the abdomen or leg but is expected to survive. mike: some in developing locally, a car accident just set down 7th street at central and queens gate. we' re told one car has reportedly overturned. crews are now on the scene. sheree: a major mess on columbia parkway will shut down traffic tomorrow. crews have been out there dealing with a mudslide. they' ll be shutting down all lanes in both directions at 9 a m tomorrow to allow workers to remove the remaining loose soil. the closure will be from bains street to torrence parkway along u.s. 50. there' s no time frame on when it will be open. until 9:00 a.m. two lanes of inbound traffic will remain
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mike: a work force cut for delta here at our international airport. the air line plans to lay off more than 100 employees at cvg, and cut the hours of nearly 200 others. delta says it' s been over staffed at cvg since 2010 after rounds of hub restructuring. the memo goes on to say delta' s goal was to achieve this right sizing over the years but that hasn' t happened. delta said jobs are available to employees who have been impacted if they are willing to transfer to another city where there are open positions. cities include new york, la, seattle, detroit and minneapolis. sheree: ohio' s auditor dave yost is launching a special audit of the metropolitan sewer district of greater cincinnati. the audit comes at the request of hamilton county and cincinnati officials in light of recent concerns about the msd' s competitive bidding, contracts and payments.
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s obvious time to take a deeper dive and examine the financial records. mike: two hamilton county jail inmates are facing new charges after at attempted escape from the justice center. james kirby and tristian herron sheriff' were originally caught during inspections in november. herron is serving a 10 year sentence for involuntary manslaughter. kirby is one of three people charged in the death of a 73 year old man. he is set to go on trial in march. sheree: killed a man in lebanon -- tonight we' re finding out smoking may have caused a house fire that killed a man in lebanon this morning. the fire started just after two on kuntz thacker' s bedroom. his brother and mother. his mom was able to get out his time. the red cross is putting them up in a hotel while the investigation continues. the four remaining occupiers at an oregon wildlife refuge including an ohio man are facing charges. 16 of the armed activists have
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violence against federal officials. the holdouts including david fry of blanchester have refused to leave the wildlife without a guarantee they won' t be arrested. this indictment gives no chance of that. the standoff has been going on since january second. mike: it was the clash of the candidates in tonight' s debate. just two democratic presidential hopefuls remain. hillary clinton and bernie sanders squared off against each other in new hampshire on m s n b c. the two battled over the definition of progressive how each other are fundraising during the campaign and what they would do with the affordable care act if elected . >> the republicans want to repeal the affordable care act. i want to improve it. i want to build on it, get the cost down, get the prescription drug cost down. senator sanders wants us to start all over again. >> i am on the health educatio n labor committee. that committee wrote the affordable care act. the idea that i would dismantle health care in america while we'
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for all is just not accurate . mike: the latest poll has bernie sanders maintaining a big lead in new hampshire. of course he' s a u.s. senator in neighboring vermont. the nbc news wall street journal marist poll shows sanders with the support of 58% of the surveyed voters versus clinton' s 38%. as for the republican side a new cnn poll shows donald trump has the most support with 29%. marco rubio has 18% of polled has 13%. ohio governor john kasich is not far behind with 12% and jeb bush is polling with 10%. sheree: new at 11 after a back and forth fight a retired ohio police officer will be allowed to keep his k9 partner. the city of marietta has come up with a plan where matt hickey can buy a jax for one dollar. hickey retired last week but his k9 partner was too young to city'
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ajax was going to be put up for auction when social media helped hickey raise $70,000 for the hickey says he' s very grateful that he gets to keep ajax. his plan is to donate the money raised to help buy bullet proof vests for k9 dogs. mike: it' packed with much more pressure than the players. sheree: securing the stadium and surrounding areas. area. kevin: it is a cold might the area. s. i will let you know what to expect and the weekend warm-up on the way with a full look at your forecast when we return. >> it was one of the toughest losses in cincinnati sports played in the spotlight. >> is there a road to redemption?
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sheree: it was a season full of emotions for bengals fans and it ended with a crazy finish against the rival steelers. mike: it still bothers you, i know. so where do you go from here? wlwt news five' s elise jesse sat
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lewis to talk about the future. elise: i talked to a few of the guys on the team who said it could take them years to get over the last game have you been able to get over it? marvin: no, the last two minutes will stay with us all the way through there' s no question about that. that' s just the way it is its the ache in your belly its every solemn moment when nothing is on your mind, that pops into your mind. you know those plays, and unfortunately that' s just the way it is. elise: a team that at one point this season seemed destined to be playing in this sunday' s game instead ends its super bowl hopes in a nationally televised disaster. does it keep you up at night?
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that goes? marvin: speak to my doctor no, it does. every waking moment that you have, to me that pops into my mind. the only way to rectify it is to have the opportunity to rectify it. everyone in life, sports overcomes different obstacles and so forth and thats an obstacle and something that' s got to be overcome. elise: i was here inside this stadium watching as late hits, personal fouls, and season ending injuries became key ingredients for another playoff loss. a dark cloud of shock and disbelief hug over cincinnati' s locker room. >> it feels like a bad dream. >> emotions are up and down, for me it' s more like depression. elise: so how do you recover? for marvin lewis, you take
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re going through hell, keep marvin: going. marvin: now we re adjust, re we' ve got to get going again. elise: for lewis, the pain of t make him hang his head. his focus is clear, his expectations are high, and his goal remains the same. marvin: you' ve got to go back to it' s not just getting back s going beyond and continuing re playing the the final game. mike: marvin tells us that he t have much of an off he wants to welcome his new coaches and start locking down free agents and of course get ready for the nfl draft at the end of april. you can watch more of elise' s sit down with marvin lewis on just click on the video under homepage. sheree: top law enforcement officials say there is no credible threat to super bowl 50. still security is very tight
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authorities have maintained a visible armed presence and insists there is a strong unseen presence as well. at levi' s stadium in santa clara area above the stadium. while all vehicles big and small of danger. mike: some good news tonight in the water worries in flint, michigan. the epa says the lead levels in the water are beginning to decrease. filters in the affected homes show the filters are working. this as internal e mails released today show that high ranking officials in the governor' s administration knew of problems in the water before they were made public. a big loss for apple the tech giant has been ordered to pay $626 million in damages for stealing the patents of another company. the company virnetx sued apple three years ago for its apps like i message and facetime. a jury then found apple guilty and ordered the company to pay
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but apple appealed and won. the case was retried and a new jury found the company guilty again and ordered apple to pay even more money. sheree: a spokesperson for planned parenthood is speaking out against the anti abortion activists accused of recording undercover videos against the group. david daleiden and sandra merritt were both indicted on one count of tampering with government documents for making a fake driver' s license. to get into meetings with abortion providers. daleiden turned himself in today a day after merritt. a spokesperson for planned parenthood says the wheels of justice have only begun to roll with today' s development. >> cincinnati certified most accurate forecast. kevin: it is a cold february night across the area. we will see things moderate sum over the weekend. that is the good news.
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the teens and 20' s. them we have a warm up our way for the weekend. probably some of the coldest weather we have seen sense may be back and mid-january we had winter. struggle to climb above freezing. head releasing the seven day here in just a moment. noticed the clearing line continues to move across the area. blanket off the bed first thing in the morning. that makes for a very cold night. that he does basically radiating back into space. winds are calm so this is a perfect night for temperatures to drop very quickly across the area. we have been in the 20' s but he much all evening. airport.
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notice harris, 20 of their hamilton. ridge. by morning, here in the city most areas will be closer to 20 degrees. outlying areas most areas drop urban areas. sunshine will be completed different than today. afternoon highs should make a nice rebound. and mid-40' s. the good news heading into the weekend, the weather is going to be fairly tranquil around here. this will bring us some fairly nice weather, just if you passing clouds from time to time. that is really about it, i look at futurecast no major systems to speak of. it will be a quiet weekend weather-wise. 40 tomorrow, mid-40' s into saturday. probably on sunday we will
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low 50' s before the colder air arrives as we head into monday. here is what we' re looking at, a the area. the cold is in place. into the weekend, the jet stream will begin lifting up and that of the area. as we head relatively mild with temperatures in the 50' s. into early next week, you can see it beginning to happen, notice this peak blowing out of canada. that means we will see fairly significant blast of cold air that will linger much of next week. the forever low tonight underneath clear skies. expect plenty of at least milder. an afternoon high about 10 degrees warmer than today. here is your day planner, lunchtime week cruise into the mid-30' s. low 40' s by tomorrow afternoon. your seven-day forecast, the night over the we can remain on the chilly side but it warms up
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into next week, those hide only in the mid to upper 20' s. as of right now, here is the good news -- i don' t see any major storms. it will he all snow with temperatures that cold. i do think there is an up and dirty for some flurries. as a right now, nothing to significant. mike: that 15 his letter on the corner. sheree: we keep they can the maybe spring is there but not just yet. whether it' s bengals bearcats or buckeyes many families around town call themselves true football fans. mike: but how do we compare against other cities? the finance site wallet hub ranked american cities based on a number of football factors. and after crunching the data cincinnati came in 56th in the nation out of 245 cities. with an nfl team? some of the factors included
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and the number of local teams. i love that you are always the optimist, i was hoping for top 20. a high flying act in high school hoops.
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george: after being idle for a week, it was game on once again for you see. welcome back everyone the cats came out sluggish against south florida. octavius ellis hit the bench with a technical foul, and i t was a tie game late in the first half. bit this sequence gets the cats going. troy caupain for 3. then farad cobb sneaks in for the steal and score uc led by 7 at the half. it' s parker 30-3 run for uc. caupain with 18 points, 10 assists. he feeds deberry for 3 dunks . the bearcats cruise, 88-57. clark' s we all having fun. that got us going on the court. nobody was really down on themselves. we need to the big fella. it is good to give him more confidence. if you finish with power, and
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george: got a have the big fella. the norse were in action, hosting green bay jalen billups big game for nku 18 points, 12 reb but that would not be enough for the norse. green bay gets out of town with the win, 85 to 78. jaquan lyle had 27 points for ohio state, but the buckeyes fall on the road at wisconsin, 79-68. we have another beacon orthopaedics and sports medicine primetime performer of the week . derek forrest tells us about this taft senator who can throw down the buckets with the best of them. derek: alright so we know this guys can throw down friday night taft' s frank royles threw down 24 points and had 8 on hughes a place where he attended middle school. win and earning primetime performer of the week honors. >> it feels good. i mean, i didn' t really think i have as many supporters as i really did.
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good. derek: but what really makes this guy tick is his motor he has a great motor and he plays both sides of the ball. he plays defense as well as offense. he plays offense as well as defense. you know, i tell him already frankie. i am trying to make you a good college basketball players right now. i am coach demarco bradley, head coach of taft high school. beacon orthopaedics primetime performer of the week, my team captain, mr. frank royles. george: and here' s another high . malia berkely of hamilton badin was named the gatorade ohio girls soccer player of the year it' s the second year in a row she has won the award and just yesterday, malia signed to play college soccer at florida state. congratulations to melia and frank. our primetime performers of the
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>> did you ever have the coordination to play soccer? >> no, did you? >> no, ping-pong maybe.
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can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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sheree: a student at uc arrested after a gun thread on campus. the document show bradley wanted to shoot up the math lab while working with a tutor. the 20-year-old is now facing a menacing charge. mike: two new york city police officers were shot on patrol tonight in the bronx. one of the officers in serious condition, the other officer said to be shot in the stomach or the like what is expected to survive. sheree: in a chilly morning heading out the door. kevin: you will need to have a winter jacket. temperatures will be in the teens and 20' s. we make it into the 40' s. enjoy the warm weather. [captioning performed by the
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